Matrix therapy (German Technology)

In today’s busy life we attend to ignore our health. We miss taking our meals on time and exercising enough to keep up our health. Our work schedule, over-dieting, hustle to maintain work-life balance puts our muscles under a lot of stress. Body muscles are made up of many cells. Each cell has its own frequency which is between 8 to 12 KHz. This frequency changes in response to different body stresses.

Hence, cells cannot generate enough energy (energy production by mitochondria reduces). Reduced energy production causes accumulation of carbon dioxide around cells, thus causing pH around cells to be acidic. Due to this increased acidity, the function of muscles get affected (weak/fatigued). This may cause muscle imbalance leading to PAIN. MATRIX THERAPY works at cell level oscillating at the frequency of healthy cell. Thus, bringing the cells back to their healthy state and reducing pain.